How to Navigate Discogs

Discogs (short for discographies) is a crowdsourced website offering the most comprehensive music database and marketplace on the planet, across all genres and formats.

Check the Cool Wax hosts its entire available inventory on (instead of competitors Amazon or eBay) because it focuses exclusively on music and offers a Market Price History, allowing buyers and sellers to determine fair prices at a glance.

Discogs’ own intro page is a great place to start:

And here’s a quick & informative video introduction, courtesy of Vinyl Eyezz:

From my Discogs page you can:

  • Peruse the most recently listed wax (default)
  • Use the search box (e.g. “Casey Kasem” or “Blue Note”)
  • Sort (by Artist/Price/Album Title etc)
  • Use filters to narrow your search (Condition, Genre, Price etc)

A few final things to keep in mind:

  • The album cover photos on Discogs are crowdsourced (not photos of the items in my inventory), but I’m happy to send pictures of anything upon request.
  • I love Discogs and hope you will too. If you’re most comfortable shopping through Discogs, go for it and there will be a nominal $5 flat rate shipping fee upon checkout no matter if you buy 1 record or 100. If you prefer buying directly through then shipping will be free ($25 minimum).
  • Whether you purchase vinyl from me through Discogs or directly through my website you’ll receive the same great service and your purchases are fully protected by your credit card/PayPal.

Let them Choose their own wax!